As part of our continued commitment to viable +impact investment opportunities, we are pleased to announce the formation of a new undertaking aimed at tackling the burning issue of affordable housing in a number of key Western European jurisdictions. Our key target area include the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

For most people the thought of +impact investing brings to mind images of the developing world. The fact that there is a demonstrable need for +impact intervention so close to home highlights the parlous state of affordable housing in these key areas. Along with our partners, we aim to take the lead in developing sustainable solutions through innovative land acquisition deals and modern design/build programmes to deliver truly affordable housing that will benefit all stakeholders.

We have negotiated a scheme in partnership with public and private stakeholders in the sector. Later in the year (2023) we will share details on our first projects, which are due to commence in early 2024.

About Prowgress

Prowgress and it’s stakeholders have undertaken, mostly at their own risk and expense, over 100 real-estate projects, mostly multi-million Euro deals. We have experience and current interest in both commercial and residential real-estate including development, redevelopment, acquisition, management and, disposition thereof.

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