In a Nutshell…

At Prowgress we incubate and accelerate high impact ventures. Aside from financial success, we strive to deliver measurable positive social and/or environmental outcomes. We do this across a multitude of business areas. Our core focus is targeted at the Real Estate and Agribusiness sectors.

Prowgress primarily functions as an incubator and accelerator and essentially operates as an umbrella organisation. This set-up affords Prowgress the ability to maintain its integrity and core focus: incubating and accelerating high impact ventures. It also provides stakeholders in each spin-off maximum freedom and flexibility in structuring (and de-risking) each specific endeavour in accordance to its specific demands.

A Bit More Detail…

Prowgress and its stakeholders have undertaken, mostly at their own risk and expense, over 100 real-estate projects (mostly multi-million Euro deals) across Europe. We have experience and current interest in both commercial and residential real-estate including development, redevelopment, acquisition, management and, disposition thereof. Our track-record (GIPS standard) and references are available for consultation by relevant parties.

Our current primary focus is targeted at providing affordable housing at scale, specifically in the London Metropolitan Area. We do this by utilising advantageous finance structures, engaging in strategic Public Private Partnerships and through leveraging the advances achieved through Modern Methods of Construction. Its the combination/perfect storm of all the above factors that make this a perfect fit within the scope of our impact focussed approach to business.

Our Agribusiness activities stretch from East to West Africa, with specific relevant experience in Ghana and Kenya. In both countries we have successfully founded various agribusiness related ventures (from seed to fork), specifically cash-crops related such as Stevia and Moringa. We have a successful 10 year track record in the agribusiness sector.

Funding can be the bottleneck and killer to many great business ideas, especially when operating in the sphere of agricultural in LEDCs. For this reason we work with an array of funders and have established our own Social Impact Fund to ensure the right ventures receive the required funding. Our fund consists of a public private partnerships where a combination of private capital and soft government funded loans constitute the core capital of the fund. The fund holds is perpetuate and at all times holds in excess of 15m EUR in liquid/investable assets.

Stevia Propagation Greenhouse – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publication on Cultivation Site – Northern Region, Ghana
Microfinance Small Shop Owner – Accra, Ghana
Magazine Closed Circulation to 100k HNWI