What we are Doing Today

We deliver affordable and social (rent) housing at scale, specifically in London (UK) and the Randstad (Netherlands). We do this through acquisition, development and redevelopment of real-estate assets.

Our Goal: Delivering 2 500 Affordable Homes to Market by 2029

We are able to deliver on our promise by optimising a combination of factors:

MMC: We make maximum use of Modern Methods of Construction. Steel frame based MMC give us greater flexibility and allows us to develop high quality, comfortable and sustainable Net-Zero housing. MMC also gives us greater flexibility in utilising the vast amount of underutilised and/or unviable land (brownfield sites) scattered throughout London.

Finance & Leverage: We leverage opportune finance solutions with competitive lenders willing to think outside the box. Scale, network and other factors can all work in our advantage.

Public Private Partnerships: We are cooperative in our nature (together we achieve more). An example thereof is our engagement with various local authorities on a multitude of issues.

It is the combination of all these factors, together with the relentless input of our passionate and diversily skilled team of professionals that allow us to deliver high quality housing at the best possible price. The result? Doing our bit in solving the housing crisis and extinguishing its devastating impact on millions of families. It is the marriage between highly tangible and measurable social and environmental impact with sustainable returns that give us the drive and ability to up and continue our game.

A bit About our Past

We have a rich history and successful track-record in both commercial and residential real-estate. We are experienced in the acquisition, disposition, development and turnaround of commercial and residential real-estate assets, specifically the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

We have been providing affordable housing solutions since 2010. These include include houses and apartments and customised temporary accommodation solutions. We have both developed and acquired.

Our commercial real-estate experience is centered around the hospitality sector, acquiring, developing, leasing and disposing of 30-110 room business oriented hotels. In terms of our residential real-estate activities we ran various sizeable buy-to-let portfolios in both the luxury and affordable sector.

In terms of figures our track records tracks back to the 90s and we have participated in over 100 projects with a combined GDV in excess of 500M EUR.