PROWGRESS is a word combination the perfect marriage between two beautiful and meaningful words: Prow and Gress.

How it Sounds

Prowgress is pronounced just like the word Progress. While I am sure we all strive for progress, the word combination symbolise a more profound underlying meaning.


The PROW is the most forward and strongest part of a ship’s hull and its primary function is to push water away while sailing. We see life and business as a journey, a journey that inevitable takes us through both calm and rough waters. When moving at speed or embarking on adventurous journeys to unknown territories – a strong and robust PROW is an absolute must. This is especially true in the more uncharted territory of Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy.


GRESS has latin origin and stands for moving/stepping forward. As the saying goes – not moving is the same as going backwards. You will find the word GRESS in many words, such as progress and congress. Our motto is that whatever the circumstances – keep moving, keep pushing and the “promised land” of desired business and social outcomes will be yours to take.

Sleazy or Genius?

Well, that is for you to decide. We are happy to meet in the middle: SLEA+NIUS = SLEANIUS. 😉